In the production chain, particularly in food and beverage production, water represents a fundamental resource, whose use ranges from its use as an ingredient to that of a process liquid in the industrial context:


Process water: water used in the cleaning of installations, cooling and feeding of process machinery and service equipment (boilers, exchangers, chillers…);


Consumer water: water suitable for consumption used in the processing of beverages and food products;


Bottled water: water as a ready-to-drink finished beverage, as well as mineral water and table water;


Dilution and mixing water: water used to dilute or mix ingredients in order to achieve the right consistency and concentration in the preparation of other beverages, foods and food liquids.


What all these applications have in common is the need for water with specific characteristics and high-quality standards. Our machines, in fact, are versatile solutions designed to produce different varieties and types of water, always guaranteeing compliance with the highest quality, health and safety standards.


Within the vast beverage landscape, our process line section dedicated to the industrial production of water plays a key role, encompassing a wide range of products, including natural, sparkling, low-mineral, tonic, flavoured, and functional water.


Water, a basic and indispensable ingredient in the preparation of food and beverages, must meet strict safety standards to be considered potable and fit for human consumption. With our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we offer water treatment plants customised to the source, use and particular needs of beverage producers.


Our water production plants are state-of-the-art equipment that is constantly updated to meet changing market demands and consumer tastes and allow still water to undergo specific processing treatments such as the addition of carbon dioxide, minerals, flavourings or other additives.



Our A-LINE water lines are made of durable materials with high quality components to guarantee high “Made-in-Itay” standards. Our water processing plants are suitable for a wide range of packaging solutions, are equipped with various automation options and control systems, and integrate easily into any bottling or filling line. PRISMATECH water systems are designed and optimised to offer great energy and water savings.