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Prismatech pasteuriser: plate or tubular for perfect beverage and liquid food preservation

Pasteurisation is a heat-treatment process specific for juices, milk, syrups, and sauces that eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, reduces bacteria, and deactivates enzymes to extend product shelf-life.

Thanks to its innovative system, without use of direct steam, the Prismatech pasteuriser provides a delicate treatment, thus ensuring food safety while preserving all its organoleptic characteristics and genuine taste.

Pasteurisation times, temperatures and methods vary according to the type of product to be treated, the type of production as well as the type of filling to meet the most specific requirements.

Indeed, pasteurisation is achieved through different methods depending on these factors:

  • HTST “high temperature short-time” pasteurisation, also known as “flash pasteurisation”,
  • LTLT “low temperature long-time” pasteurisation.

A team of experienced technicians will advise you on the most suitable pasteuriser model and procedures, guiding you through the machine settings and offering you after-sales remote assistance.


Tubular or plate pasteuriser?

  • Plate pasteuriser: is used for pasteurisation of clear fruit juices, pasteurisation of syrups and finished drinks such as tea and milk;
  • Tubular pasteuriser: is used for the treatment of fruit juices with chunks or filaments, pasteurisation of purees and thick or viscous products such as sauces and gravies.

All Prismatech pasteurisation systems are made entirely of sanitary and durable materials including AISI 304 or AISI 316L stainless steel. Designed for small, medium, and large production capacities (from 500 l/h to 60,000 l/h) they are suitable for hot and cold filling applications, ultra-clean filling and aseptic filling.

We provide either manual, semi-automatic or automatic solutions boasting high and technological efficiency together with high-tech features, complete with PLC control panel and HMI touchscreen for a fast and intuitive user experience.

Prismatech pasteurisers are designed, manufactured, and continuously improved to ensure high energy-and hydraulic-efficiency. Our technical expertise, combined with the constant research for innovation, allow us to build state-of-the-art pasteurisation plants that, thanks to the implementation of a customised heat recovery system, capable of exploiting residual heat with a high energy content, drastically reduce waste, reaching up to 85% heat energy recovery.

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