The beverage sector is an ever-expanding industry in which a wide range of products is produced and is expanding day by day to meet all consumer needs and tastes. We at PRISMATECH respond to these demands with specialised lines for the preparation of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, as well as carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, such as:


Systems for sweetened beverages

  • Solutions for the production of soft drinks with sugar content.
  • Systems for sugar-free drinks
  • Production lines dedicated to low-sugar or sugar-free drinks (diet drinks)

Flavoured drink plants

  • Production of beverages with natural flavourings added or recovered thanks to our flavour recovery systems

Equipment for energy or isotonic drinks

  • Solutions for the production of sports drinks

Functional beverage equipment

  • Specialised lines for beverages with functional properties, such as those with healthy or added ingredients

Machinery for plant-based beverages

  • Production of beverages based on vegetarian ingredients, such as alternative or plant-based milk

Installations for milk-based beverages

  • Solutions for dairy beverage production.

Installations for ready-to-drink drinks

  • Production lines for ready-to-drink RTD drinks

Juice and iced tea plants

  • Production of natural fruit juice drinks, from concentrates and iced tea

Installations for cola / orangeade / soda

  • Solutions to produce carbonated drinks of any flavour

Systems for non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails

  • Specialised lines for the preparation of premixes with and without alcohol

Plants for spirits / spirits / wine

  • Production of alcoholic beverages of different types and strengths


Our ability to cover so many categories reflects a dynamic and flexible response to changing consumer trends in the beverage industry. The focus on diversification of offerings is certainly a strength for our company.



Our D-LINE beverage processing lines are made of durable materials with high quality components, guaranteeing the highest “Made-in-Italy” standards. Our beverage preparation machines are suitable for a wide range of packaging solutions, are equipped with various automation options and control systems, and integrate easily into any bottling or filling line. PRISMATECH beverage production plants are designed and optimised to offer great energy and water savings.