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Prismatech always by your side!

Prismatech always by your side!


Prismatech not only produces complete plants for the preparation of juices, beverages and mineral waters but also individual machinery such as pasteurizers, CIP plants, sugar dissolvers, deaeration plants, premixes, carbonators, drinks mixers, screw elevators and insulated tanks, with all the quality and know-how of Made in Italy technology. Thanks to our constant renewal of skills and technologies, supported by a team of specialized technicians, we offer efficient and customized solutions that meet the specific customer and market needs. We provide professionalism, reliability, and a spirit of collaboration. But that is not all. At Prismatech, we are with you every step of the way, guaranteeing you an active assistance network, even after sales.

We have developed an excellent remote assistance system to be available in every situation and emergency, with a service available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, that is based on a remote-control system of the plant operating system by our technicians. The system is a module that is included as standard inside the electrical panel in automatic systems, those that already have the PLC and touch screen, whilst it can be inserted as an option in semi-automatic systems. The management system with the HMI panel allows you to control the utilities, see data trends (such as the process temperature), the status of the machine and alarms, verifying that all processes are carried out in a constant and fluid manner. The panel also allows you to protect the system data through an access block with user / password, so that only those who have this information can have the authorization to view / modify them.

The remote assistance module gives you an extra dimension of the classic automatic management panel. With a simple network ethernet cable, connecting the factory internet to our machine, you can benefit from our remote assistance. The module will be configured during the start-up phase of the system, and, once this is done, we can speed up the interventions and optimize the work to be carried out. Teleservice allows us to view the live status of the machine, check for any faults and identify required maintenance, as well as provide additional support in the first production phase or in case of doubts.

In this “different” year our system has proved to be decidedly successful as travel restrictions have forced all of us to have less mobility and ability to intervene, but thanks to remote assistance we have always been close to our customers as needed, as well as at their side when testing new automatic systems. This allowed our clients to avoid crucial delays without interrupting their production chain and, at the same time, to remain close to their own customers.

Naturally, regarding the installation and testing of the systems, this system does not replace our “hands-on” way of operating but offers us valuable support when it is not possible to do otherwise. Furthermore, Prismatech cares about being a partner to its customers and, as well as close collaboration in the defining and designing stages of the project, it also supports them in all after-sales services, something which is always at the core of our corporate values.