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Prismatech premix: for a bartender-worthy summer

Whether it’s carbonated drinks, soft drinks, premixed cocktails, hard seltzer, flavoured waters, iced tea, energy drinks or kvass; have you ever asked yourself how all these classic summer drinks are made?

The answer is Premix.

Premix is one of the most important components of beverage production lines, a sort of mechanical bartender capable of making any recipe.

Completely automatic, Prismatech Premix is designed to have a high versatility while maintaining production simplicity thanks to the HMI panel and PLC for intuitive management, data analysis and remote assistance.

The ideal solution for those who love quality drinks and for all those who like to always experiment with different flavours, with a database that allows you to save up to 99 production recipes.

Making drinks has never been easier.

Just turn on the Premix, “place the order”, step back and admire it carrying out the four distinct preparation stages which may vary according to the drink.

PHASE 1 – Deaeration and water dosage

The water deaeration, or the removal of the air in the liquid, is a fundamental step in beverage preparation because it allows you to carbonate with a high percentage of CO2 and makes the finished product more stable. The process can be achieved either via vacuum pump or with a CO2 injection which forces the removal of oxygen from the water, in addition or as an alternative to the passage of the vacuum.

Our Premix machines guarantee extremely precise regulation of the pump thanks to a dedicated valve, an inverter and a visible indicator on the control panel, which transmits constantly updated values on the vacuum percentage of the process.

The water dosage is regulated by a high precision magnetic flow meter.

In cases of low conductivity, such as for demineralized water, we recommend the use of a mass flow meter.

PHASE 2 – Syrup dosage

The syrup tank is the element that distinguishes the Prismatech Premix from a simple carbonator.

Easily connected with a pipe from the syrup room, the tank receives the syrup and sends for dosage, adjusting it with a dedicated pump controlled by inverter, a sequence of pneumatic valves and a flow meter.

Mass dosage allows the adjustment of the syrup ensuring a standardized finished product based on the Brix set in the recipe. If the substance incorporated into the water has small daily variations, the Prismatech Premix will ensure that you still get drinks with homogeneous characteristics, considering any fluctuations in the Brix degrees of the syrup in entry.

PHASE 3 – Cooling

The ideal carbonation temperature is between 4 and 8°C.

To make the thermal transition more effective, a cooler for water and syrup is strongly recommended, which will allow the necessary temperature to be reached gradually.

A cold-water system and a plate exchanger are integrated into the overall Premix skid to facilitate carbonation and stability.

For third-party mixers (Premix) and carbonators, Prismatech has studied a way to supply coolers by integrating the existing machinery with a dedicated base that will perfectly conform to the production data.

PHASE 4 – Stabilization and CO2 carbonation

The finishing touch. The bubbles.

Monitored by a mass flow meter, the CO2 is injected and incorporated into the water and syrup using a static mixer.

After this phase, the drink is held in a holding tube before passing into a final tank.

Stabilization takes place inside this PED-certified pressure storage tank. The quantity of CO2 to be injected into the product and the set pressure level allow to establish the carbonation of the beverage, the pressure also functions as a push towards the filler.

The mixing of water and syrup is also possible without CO2 and is a widely used technique to produce soft still drinks such as iced tea, flavoured water, energy drinks and isotonic drinks.

If you need to examine the drink in more detail, you can add upgrades with a Brix analysis or CO2 analysis kit and prepare the data for use on the company network or connect to a printer.

Bottle as you please and serve cold!

Introduce us to your product and we will recommend the perfect Premix.