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Prismatech process plants: our solutions to reduce water and energy waste in industrial processes

Food and beverage production involves numerous energy- and water-intensive processes.

Prismatech has always been at the forefront of tackling this problem, by offering sustainable solutions through our high-quality, reliable and resilient process plants.

Thanks to our great experience in design and manufacturing we develop beverage machinery and equipment featuring different sustainable solutions to reduce energy consumption, water and other material wastage.

How do we do this?

  • By improving the efficiency of our systems
  • By using sanitary and durable materials such as AISI 304 and 316L stainless steel
  • By optimising usage, consumption and emission of steam, energy and CO2
  • By implementing high water reuse and ingredient recovery

Our machines are designed and constantly optimised to ensure high energy- and hydraulic- efficiency while respecting the environment and industrial processes.

Thanks to the latest technological innovations, most of Prismatech lines provide water reuse systems that work in several ways:

  • In the steam-heated pasteuriser, the generated condensate water is recovered and reintegrated back into the heating system;
  • In the premix, carbonator and deaerator, the water is reused continuously thanks to the closed-loop operation of the vacuum pumps, thus avoiding unnecessary drainage and waste;
  • In the CIP “Clean-In-Place” system, steam is recovered with a dedicated condensate collector, thus achieving significant energy savings.

Prismatech CIP systems feature characteristics for water- and washing agents- recovery (acid, caustic soda, peracetic acid) as well as the possibility to neutralise the drained washing solution to reduce the environmental impact.

The machines that make up the Prismatech syrup room offer our clients considerable economic advantages and can be customised to their specific needs. We also propose efficient electrical-heated projects for those who have installed, or intend to install, solar panels.

At Prismatech, we are always investing in research and development to constantly improve our machinery day by day, in support of the environment and our customers.