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Prismatech: turnkey systems for beverages and much more



At Prismatech we have always worked to combine requests with technology, scientific concepts with mechanical construction and project ideas with production implementation.

A “Turnkey solution” is what we can define as a comprehensive look at every aspect of a customer’s requirements.

It is a 360° project that brings with it a multitude of broad ideas and as many possibilities to obtain the optimal result for individual needs.


Over the years and the advancement of technology, our company has made various changes, always in line with innovations, moving in an increasingly more efficient direction.

Our team of experts and specialists has revolutionized the way of producing drinks, syrups, sauces, soft drinks, toppings, and even chemical liquids such as gel disinfectant thanks to continuous research and considerable experience in design and production.


We start by listening to the client’s needs, we evaluate which system configuration is most suitable and, with a targeted study, we propose a series of optimal solutions suitable for the required production. Once the plant has been built, we do not stop there, continuing to work and support our client in all the following stages of processing, from assembly to maintenance. When we talk about a “turnkey” solution we really mean that all those small details have already been thought through and arranged in such a way that the customer has a smooth and worry-free production start-up.

A “turnkey” plant is not simply any plant. It is a mechanical solution that satisfies not only the production needs, with a single machine, but builds a process line consistent with the customer’s requests, providing a dedicated service.

The latter is essential: with the system we can take care of shipping and packaging; provide assembly, start-up and testing labour; offer complete training and support to the initial production, so that the client is ready to “turn the key” of their new production plant.


The working concept from which we start to obtain “Turnkey” systems is our trump card, the way to demonstrate not only our engineering strength but also our versatility in facing challenges: we take care of every phase of the process, all you need to do is call us for advice.


Contact us for more information, we are ready for the next challenge!