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Juice and soft drink plants for the arrival of spring!

In the carnival season before spring, even we need a little bit of colour and freshness!


Our work is very engineering-orientated; our research and development team are always hard at work to produce new elements and mechanisms able to satisfy the market and customer requests. But in this very “scientific” context, it is rare to have room for the creativity typical of this period, so we have decided to add a little colour thanks to two machines that are the “jewel in the crown” of our company, able to produce sugar solution for drinks and for sweets and dessert applications: our continuous dissolver and plate pasteuriser, both, as with all our machinery, 100% customizable.

To liven up fruit juices, syrups, soft drinks and energy drinks of a myriad of rainbow colours, and to make everyday life a little happier and more vibrant, we have conceived a high-performance machine.

When preparing still drinks, sparkling drinks and fruit juices, sugar solution plays a fundamental role. The ideal solutions for productions of this nature are two of our machines which can work in synergy to achieve a great finished product: the continuous sugar dissolver and plate pasteuriser, which thanks to our projects with many satisfied clients, have here been assembled as one complete monobloc, optimising the space at hand and production capacity to have a continuous production: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The dissolver, as well as the pasteuriser, can be realised in either AISI 304 or AISI 316L stainless steel in contact with the product. This logically depends on production requirements, typically the level of acidity in the process fluid.

The Prismatech continuous dissolver is available in various formats with flow rate from 1,000 to 15,000 litres per hour, dissolving with a temperature that can vary from room temperature up to 95°C. With this, as described, in the monobloc layout the liquid immediately passes to the heat treatment from the Prismatech pasteuriser, available in formats from 500 to 60,000 litres per hour and has a highly accurate temperature management system, with an error margin of ± 0.5°C.

The whole plant is managed by an Industrial PC or Electric Control Panel with Siemens PLC and 12” touchscreen panel and can be easily configured for data transfer.

Thanks to Prismatech’s analysis tools and software it is possible to achieve a high grade of accuracy when it comes to Brix, we are capable of realising equipment to create up to 85°Bx sugar solution, something which requires an extremely high level of specialisation which we have developed over the years during our collaborations with our trusted clients from the confectionery industry.

Our continuous sugar dissolver, mounted on a tubular stainless-steel base which is easy to install, guarantees high-level efficiency. In the production line the pasteuriser is perfect for achieving a quality and long-lasting product. The experience and study which have been consolidated over the years in Prismatech have enabled us to construct this energy-saving, reliable, intuitive, high-performance processing machinery which guarantees the best heat treatment for the product without over-stressing it.  The Prismatech pasteuriser/steriliser can also be used on the finished product, for syrups or juice in addition to the sugar solution.

We are also experts in tubular pasteurisers for denser products such as sauces, tomato puree, or juice with small pieces or filaments such as pineapple juice.

Our machines can be ordered individually or as part of a syrup room or complete processing line and can be grouped with storage tanks to organise your production needs as required.

Any request that we receive is carefully studied by the Prismatech team to find the best productive solution for our client, we understand that every company has its own particular requirements and strong points which allow them to be competitive in their field.

Prismatech is the right partner to help show off your production quality and stand out from the crowd!