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Have you already scheduled your maintenance? Prismatech is always on hand!

Many things can make a difference in choosing a long-term collaborator. Prismatech is the best solution for anyone who wishes to start, expand or refine their production line in the world of carbonated soft drinks and beverages, thanks to unparalleled know-how.

But that’s not all, because so often the real added value lies in the aftersales care, and not only in the study, design, production and delivery of a processing line.


Each Prismatech system is covered by a one-year warranty, excluding usual wear-and-tear parts, during which faulty components will be replaced or repaired.

Personally, we recommend taking care of your new system, not just in usual maintenance, but also in “emergency” interventions. Each year, which usually correlates to about 2,000 hours of production, it is usual to carry out a full “service” of the system for the parts of normal wear/consumables, which include:


  • Pump seal replacement
  • Replacement of internal valve seals
  • Replacement of piping and fittings gaskets
  • Filter cleaning (if present)
  • Calibration of instruments


Each fruit juice plant, as well as soft drink machinery or syrup room, has a series of components that can wear out over time, owing to external factors and constant and continuous operation. Thanks to our experience we have identified the elements which are most subject to wear, and at the time of machinery purchase we are also able to recommend an initial supply kit of maintenance spare parts, which we are able to offer at extremely favourable prices, taking advantage of a combined order.


This spare parts kit can be replaced in complete autonomy by client personnel as all our systems are designed for simple maintenance. Prismatech has two different maintenance options: the first is always incorporated into the training at commissioning, whereby the operator is trained on the replacement of the usual wear and tear parts; the second approach is to provide a custom complete maintenance package where our technicians will take care of everything on an annual basis.


In addition to the annual general maintenance (highly recommended for the longevity of the components and overall system) and for a quality product with minimal production breaks, we recommend keeping some components in stock that are critical for proper system functionality. These “emergency” components are needed on hand in case of breakage/malfunction, and greatly reduce the impact of a production stop.


During commissioning, we provide a list of parts for which maintenance is advised, supplied as an appendix to the user manual.

Prismatech is always available to advise which are the “indispensable” components for each individual client, considering component lead time, client production needs and geographic location.


For all your queries about necessary or available spare parts, our colleagues are always at your disposal at for any advice.


We recommend planning your next maintenance in advance … summer is approaching, and the holiday period is perfect for programming an overhaul maintenance of your machinery!