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Prismatech fruit juice plants, for a sanitary and energy efficient production

As a manufacturer, you want maximum peace of mind during production without having the stress of thinking about meeting all current European standards. Prismatech technicians have taken charge of this responsibility for you, leaving you worry-free.

In Europe, in fact, there are complex regulations surrounding the production of fruit-based drinks, clearly stipulating aspects such as the nomenclature to be used for marketing based on the raw materials used, the minimum percentages of fruit in the finished product, labelling methods, and many other factors, that ultimately, have the goal of the protection of consumer health and a full awareness of the purchased product’s characteristics.

As such, the hygiene of the production environment and the fruit juice plants themselves are a question of fundamental importance. Meanwhile, there are other aspects which are not bound by law, and on which companies can decide independently.

One of these is represented by the usage of syrup rooms which are constantly ahead of the times, like the solutions proposed by Prismatech. The Parma-based Italian company, which has a long experience in the sector, specialises in the design, production and supply of plants for all types of production needs, which allow the efficient carrying-out of activities in the syrup room: from dissolvers to pasteurisersCIP technologies to mixers.

In recent years, the Prismatech catalogue has distinguished itself through the adoption of innovative construction technologies, the result of extensive research, which have made it possible to significantly increase the energy efficiency of plants to produce fruit juices and other soft drinks. Currently, the systems available from Prismatech guarantee optimal use of electricity, water, steam and other resources. Furthermore, the attention to detail and construction that is fully compliant with health and safety standards mean that Prismatech machines are the perfect choice for food and beverage production, with a sanitation standard comparable to that of pharmaceutical systems.

By using the Prismatech systems for your production activity, you will benefit from improved efficiencyreduced costshigh reliability and, of course, maximum hygiene, flexibility and ease of use. For more information, fill out the online form with your request or contact +39 0521 98 82 82.