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Preventive maintenance is fundamental to assure machinery productiveness, avoid annoying downtimes, and guarantee safe working conditions.

Many companies fall into the trap of deferring regular maintenance, thus dealing with problems only when they occur.

No matter if you have the best secret recipe in the world, if your goal as a business is to achieve excellence in your products, proper upkeep is as important as making a big investment on high-quality processing equipment.


Benefits of preventive maintenance

  1. Extend machinery lifespan
  2. Increase efficiency
  3. Reduce expensive downtimes
  4. Avoid risk of breakdowns
  5. Save money


Extend machinery lifespan

The more you take care of your assets, the longer they last. It might sound obvious, but truer words have never been spoken. Scheduling preventive maintenance significantly lowers the risk of equipment failure.

All Prismatech machinery is made of resilient materials, equipped with the most reliable components, and conceived by industry experts. Not only it is built to last, but also designed for very high performance and continuous usage.

However, even the most efficient machine needs care to boost its full potential.


Increase efficiency

Along with longevity, production efficiency benefits more than anything else from good maintenance.

Indeed, every business craves success and peace of mind. Having a maintenance plan is what makes the difference in the Food and Beverage Industry: machinery runs more efficiently; hence, operations run more smoothly.


Reduce expensive downtimes

Someone might say that downtimes are inevitable when performing maintenance, and that’s true.

In case of unplanned downtime, required maintenance will take much longer, as sure as night follows day. You can’t schedule a convenient time or minimise any disruption.

The Prismatech maintenance service supports you at all times with great flexibility and expertise. By arranging inspections in time, you can have specialised technicians and suitable replacement parts without worrying about the delivery times or possible unforeseen delays.

Avoid risk of breakdowns

Preventable problems are the cause of many mechanical or electrical issues. This is nothing that can’t be avoided with regular maintenance. To help you and all our customers keep machinery in good condition, we offer PrismaCare maintenance packages you can use at your convenience, extremely useful for cutting red tape.


Save money

The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” strategy does not work greatly when it comes to money-saving in maintenance terms, and not only: Last-minute planning can be hugely expensive, for example flights or hotels.

With only a small upfront investment, your business can benefit from significant production performance enhancement.


Are you under a tight budget?  We know that many small businesses work under a tight budget, which is one of the key reasons we conceived our cost-effective PrismaCare packages for maintenance as well as our PrismaKITs for wear and tear spare parts.

We want you to run your business worry-free, having everything on hand.

Don’t waste time and money time with reactive maintenance. Planning ahead, with a list of replacements and inspections is the only advantageous solution. Contact our technicians to get the best deal specifically conceived for you and your business needs!