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The history of sparkling water: from natural springs to prismatech’s carbonator

Sparkling water is a highly valued beverage all over the world with very ancient origins.

Indeed, effervescent water occurs naturally in many areas with volcanic activity, where geothermal gases and minerals dissolve into water from natural wells or springs.

From the Greeks and Romans to today’s modern world, many civilisations have enjoyed this naturally fizzy drink with great appreciation.


The invention of artificially carbonated water

Even in today’s market, several producers of carbonated water source their water directly from natural springs.

However, the carbonation process used to manufacture most of the sparkling water we consume today is a relatively new invention

Credit for this innovation can be given to joseph priestley, who, driven by his scientific curiosity like many others before and since, discovered the first artificially carbonated water by accident.

During his studies regarding beer fermentation, he forgot a glass of water above a brewer’s vat, with the result of carbonating water.


Man-made carbonated water for mass production

Despite priestley’s efforts to improve upon his newly-discovered carbonation process and carbonating device, it was only in the late eighteenth century with johan jacob schweppe, the actual founder of the schweppes company (now schweppes – coca-cola), that we saw the creation of the first process for commercially-produced manufactured carbonated water.


Modern sparkling water production: the prismatech carbonator

In the modern era, the production of carbonated water has become much more sophisticated and relies on a number of fundamental steps.

The prismatech carbonator is a specialised plant for the production of fizzy water and other forms of manufactured water like seltzer and club soda, with complete automatic management and four distinct phases: water deaeration, water cooling, carbonation with co2 and water stabilization in pressurised conditions.

Moreover, it features a state-of-the-art instrumentation for precise control of co2 injection.

Carbonated water produced with prismatech’s carbonating machine is characterised by its fine and persistent effervescence, making it perfect as a sparkling beverage on its own and as a main ingredient for cocktails and other carbonated beverages (csd) as well.

Prismatech offers a wide range of carbonators for very different clients according to their business needs. this made-in-italy machinery is designed to minimise the loss of carbon dioxide during production, storage and in the finished (poured) beverage; which, together with the innovative type of co2 injection, ensures a high-quality product with a long-lasting fizz.