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The last couple of years have transformed many aspects of our lives – including our eating and drinking habits. In a post-pandemic world, consumer profiles are continuing to change and new trends towards health and sustainability continue to merge, and mental well-being is increasingly coming into focus.

Understanding the market’s needs is our expertise, that’s why we want to offer you a close-up of the most sought-after drinks in the beverage industry that are shaping today’s consumers’ taste.


Healthy beverages

The latest focus on wellness has led to a great demand for natural and organic drinks free from preservatives or any other artificial additives. It’s no surprise that products with no sugar or a low sugar content are the driving force in this category.

The growing awareness of the impact that what we drink has on our health and, especially, how our sugar intake affects us, has consequently influenced the food & beverage industry that seeks out to provide healthier alternatives.


Plant-based beverages

Plant-based beverages are becoming a perfect alternative to traditional dairy products, as they are lower in sugar and, crucially, are lactose-free. They are a suitable option for both vegans and people who suffer from lactose intolerance, who finally, despite their health or lifestyle limitations, have a wider access to a great choice of quenchers.

There’s a large variety of flavours and textures: from soya, rice, almonds, oats, to coconut. Almond ‘milk’ is rich in vitamin E and calcium, coconut ‘milk’ is high in saturated fat and, therefore, has heart-healthy benefits, and the oat ‘milk’ is an excellent source of fibre and vitamins B2.


Functional beverages

Aside from the nutritional benefits of the vegetable ‘milk’, consumers are even more mindful of the functional properties drinks are fortified with. Beverages that offer, beyond basic hydration, functional benefits, such as increased energy or improved digestion and sport performance, are becoming much popular. Indeed, functional beverages typically contain ingredients that are known for promoting health, such as vitamins, minerals, and other bioactive compounds.


RTD Cocktails & Mocktails

Ready-to-drink drinks are getting very popular because they are convenient, easy to „make”, and perfect for every occasion. All you need is to add ice if you like!

These RTD cocktails come in a variety of flavours and formats, from Margarita to Mojito, to be enjoined at home or taken to the beach, and above all, are optimal for when hosting a party. RTD drinks are also available in alcohol-free version and they are known as Mocktails, and they are as expertly crafted as the alcohol-based ones. So, there no reason why you should give up the pleasure of savouring a well-mixed drink made with the finest mixology methods.


Sustainable beverages

There is a common concern for environment, and this is why is important to keep improving industrial processes by choosing eco-friendly machinery.

We take great pride in being a sustainable choice for the companies that rely on us by offering high-efficient machines conceived for reducing energy and water waste, and optimising the use of raw materials.

For 15 years Prismatech has been the perfect partner able to embrace every market’s trend and meet the most demanding requirements.

We do this by caring about what you drink and taking care of our planet, and we look forward to continuing to do so by conceiving ever more innovative solutions.