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Guaranteeing the safety and quality of beverages stands as a paramount concern, with proper aroma preservation emerging as a key approach. This innovation holds particular relevance following heat-based treatments such as pasteurization and sterilization. By preserving and concentrating valuable aromatic compounds that might otherwise dissipate during the elimination of dissolved gases, this practice is reshaping the beverage industry.

Central to this process is deaeration, a necessary technique of the upmost importance that removes oxygen and other liquid gases to avert oxidation and any foaming issues during filling, and always ensuring product stability. Nevertheless, this procedure carries the risk of stripping away a majority of the naturally occurring aromas in drinks. Hence, the recovery of these flavours and their subsequent integration into the final product takes on paramount importance, elevating both taste and the quality of the beverage itself.


The four stages of Natural Aroma Recovery

Preserving aromas is essential not only for product healthiness but also for alluring consumers. Especially in fruit juice manufacturing, aromatic compounds wield a significant impact on flavour, delivering sensory experiences that drive consumer satisfaction. To prevent the loss of these vital aromas, the beverage undergoes four necessary recovery phases:

  • Initial product deaeration: Achieved through vacuum degassing or sparging methods.
  • Aroma capture: As dissolved gases are removed, the volatile aromatic compounds are released and then captured.
  • Aroma condensation: Vapour containing the captured aromas are condensed and converted back into liquid form.
  • Aroma reintegration: Extracted aromas are reincorporated into the final product.


Aroma Recovery in combination with Pasteurisation and Homogenisation

The synergy achieved by combining aroma recovery with pasteurisation and homogenisation creates a perfect trifecta, yielding flawlessly textured and flavoured fruit juices. Pasteurisation ensures safety by neutralising potential pathogens, aroma recovery preserves delicate aromatic notes sensitive to high temperatures and pressures, and homogenisation helps with blending uniformly the texture. This interplay between these technologies imparts the beverage a full-bodied mouthfeel and intense, rounded flavours.


A Winning Combination: Reduced Wastage and improved-tasting drinks with the OXY-TECH Deaerator

The Aroma Recovery in the Prismatech OXY-TECH deaeration system provides the highest quality and texture in naturally flavoured beverages, while minimizing ingredient waste. This process helps manufacturers to optimize the use of raw material and to produce beverages with enhanced aroma. Proper aroma preservation curtails the need for additives, thereby helping to maintain the nutritional profiles and healthiness of the product. To ensure that beverages are healthy, tasty and of premium quality, Prismatech relies on the highest technological standards, so as to provide cutting-edge solutions which comply with food safety regulations and, moreover, are environmentally friendly.