With our SPARE PARTS SERVICE, we provide fast service for all your maintenance needs, supplying original and reliable components with guaranteed authenticity.

Supply of certified spare parts for all components used in our machines

Technical advice to select the most suitable spare parts for your needs

Fast handling and delivery

Warranty extension and after-sales support

On-site assembly service


PRISMAKIT: The spare parts KIT designed for you
Optimise your time and have the spare parts you need for routine maintenance always on hand by purchasing PrismaKit packages, tailored to the specific needs of your machine.

PRISMAKIT Essential: the kit includes spare parts for wear parts that require annual replacement in order to ensure the efficiency and optimal operation of PRISMATECH machines. It is recommended that these parts be serviced regularly one year after installation of the system and repeated at regular intervals.

PRISMAKIT Critical: this kit is designed for the replacement of crucial elements, which are more likely to break than other components. We recommend purchasing this kit in advance to cope with emergencies and avoid long downtimes and interruptions in production.